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Hertz – Red Ryder featured on Umeks Toolroom Knigts

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Quote from Toolrooms release text:

“Key highlights of the album are undoubtedly Phunk Investigation’s relentless ‘Wall Of Sound’ and the pulsating ‘Red Ryder‘ from Hertz which quite literally rips through the speakers with a violent bassline forming the equivalent of a heavy blow to the back of the skull.”

Check out the official release clip:
Hertz – Red Ryder (Album Exclusive)

Hertz – Bipolar EP out on Respekt

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Bipolar EP is just out on Beatport. It’s the latest release from Hertz and has been described by the guys at Respekt as:

The legendary Hertz make their debut on Respekt, after gracing labels such as 1605, Phobiq, Underwater etc.,with their presence.

Their “Bipolar” EP comprises of two slabs of dirty, gritty techno; The title track features a hypnotic loop throughout its length, leaving plenty of space for the intricate percussion, clever edits and bleak atmospherics.

“Manic” is just that, with a hysteric, piercing riff taking charge of things. Underneath, the audio equivalent to a steamroller holds everything together while crashing percussion keeping everyone on their toes.