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Story #7 – Q-Records – The first label

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Every story has a beginning. During the 90’s, “Pierre J” was conquering the Swedish dance floors. As a producer, remixer, songwriter he was involved in +200 records, a large number of chart success, and was constantly nominated as “Best Producer”, “Best Remixer” and his acts could be found in “Best Underground” at the Swedish Dance Music Awards.

Although the success was a fact, my need to do more “underground music” became apparent. While playing Disc golf in the year 2000, my friend Tommy aka Subway Baby and I, was talking about setting up our own label. We talked a lot about the look, the feel and of course how the content should sound like. And to be “Distributed by Prime” was obvious, as all our good records that we bought, came from “Prime”. The stuff we were into at that time could be anything from techno from Umek or Rino Cerrone to house from Jan Driver or Moshic.
Q-Records should be a mix of all that. Simply good music.

The first release “Homerun-Native Bullet” was an instant hit. The vinyl was repressed 5 times and it was a pleasure to hear John Digweed play it on Kiss FM. We had something good going on. On the B-side you found another debut, a “Hertz Remix”. From this day “Hertz” was the name to use when producing techno.

“Homerun-Native Bullet” is included on “Q-Records-The Catalogue – Remaster 2013”

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“Hertz-House Music” out now!

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Finally out, exclusive on “Q-Records-The Catalogue – Remaster 2013”

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New exclusive Hertz track from the forthcoming album “Q – The Catalogue”

Monday, May 6th, 2013