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Hz Trax – The Catalogue 1 – Remaster 2013 – Out now

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Last but not least, in the remaster-serie is “Hz Trax – The Catalogue 1”

Including the brand new track from “Hertz with Petter B & Subway Baby – Aha”

Also including classic trax from Hertz, Valentino Kanzyani, Elton D , Carl Falk, Pratap, Petter B, Fer BR, Simone Barbieri Viale.


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Story #8 – Nice Meeting You Mr Tenaglia

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Summer 2008 and I (Pierre J, represented as Hertz) were down playing as a DJ at Rabac Summer Festival in Croatia. This was a really good event with maybe 4000 people, dancing on a beautiful beach. After I played my set, I went over to the other stage to say hello to Danny Tenaglia who was still playing. He had just added “Hertz-Big Bang” to his new compilation “Futurism” and I thought it was a good timing to meet him for the first time. I went up there but the guards wouldn’t let me anywhere near him. I told the story that was also an artist playing on the same event and after 10 minutes, the guard went up asking him if I was aloud on stage.

He welcomed me with open arms and we talked for maybe 15 minutes about music and memories. He also played “Big Bang” just there with me on stage. I offered him to visit me in Sweden any day. The music done on this release was inspired of what I heard and felt. It was easy to name the new tracks on Abyss; “Nice Meeting You Mr Tenaglia” and “The Offer Still Stands”.

“The Offer Still Stands” is included on “Abyss Records – The Catalogue – Remaster 2013”

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Abyss Rec – The Catalogue – Remaster 2013 – Out now

Monday, June 17th, 2013

It started out as a deeper sister-label to Q-Records and found its own identity quickly. Carl Cox stated after 8 releases; “For me you guys haven’t released a bad Abyss yet! Abyss and Q are my favorite labels. Well done” And with supperters like Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, James Holden, Dubfire, Dave Clarke and Mauro Picotto to name a few, the label has been popular for many years now.

On this 2013-remastered compilation “Abyss Records-The Catalogue”, you’ll find some of the classic tracks.

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Story #7 – Q-Records – The first label

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Every story has a beginning. During the 90’s, “Pierre J” was conquering the Swedish dance floors. As a producer, remixer, songwriter he was involved in +200 records, a large number of chart success, and was constantly nominated as “Best Producer”, “Best Remixer” and his acts could be found in “Best Underground” at the Swedish Dance Music Awards.

Although the success was a fact, my need to do more “underground music” became apparent. While playing Disc golf in the year 2000, my friend Tommy aka Subway Baby and I, was talking about setting up our own label. We talked a lot about the look, the feel and of course how the content should sound like. And to be “Distributed by Prime” was obvious, as all our good records that we bought, came from “Prime”. The stuff we were into at that time could be anything from techno from Umek or Rino Cerrone to house from Jan Driver or Moshic.
Q-Records should be a mix of all that. Simply good music.

The first release “Homerun-Native Bullet” was an instant hit. The vinyl was repressed 5 times and it was a pleasure to hear John Digweed play it on Kiss FM. We had something good going on. On the B-side you found another debut, a “Hertz Remix”. From this day “Hertz” was the name to use when producing techno.

“Homerun-Native Bullet” is included on “Q-Records-The Catalogue – Remaster 2013”

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“Hertz-House Music” out now!

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Finally out, exclusive on “Q-Records-The Catalogue – Remaster 2013”

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Hz Trax – The Catalogue 2 – Remaster 2013 – Out now

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Classic trax from Boriqua Tribez, Carl Falk, Pratap, Petter B, Cave, Kode, Nihad Tule & Jan Liefhebber Vs Nimbuz.


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Story #6 – “Pratap-Modulator” with Ben Sims

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

Is there a better promotion than when a good DJ is playing your records? I think not.
Here is a clip of Ben Sims at Awakenings in Amsterdam, playing “Pratap-Modulator”.

“Pratap-Modulator” is included on “Sway – The Catalogue 2 – Remaster 2013”.

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Story #5 – Delicado with Samuel L Session Remixes

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Even though Samuel L Session were living in the same town as me, we were both well established, it wasn’t until 2002 we met for the first time. At that time, he was sharing a complex with studios with another good friend of mine, Robert Leiner aka Source, a true techno legend all the way, and a very nice guy.

Samuel did not only play Croquet in my garden or Disc golf with me and my friends, we also worked with music together. One of the first collaborations done were these “Samuel L Session Remixes” on Sway-6. And when Samuel was ready with the remix, it went in to the other room, where Robert Leiner was mastering the remixes, with me watching closely.

As I was a huge fan of Samuels work, it was a pleasure to have him as a part of the label Sway.
“Hertz-Delicado (Samuel L Session Remix 1)” is included on
“Sway – The Catalogue 2 – Remaster 2013”.

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Story #4 – Priorities with Pratap Remix

Friday, May 24th, 2013

The track “Priorities” has an interesting story. The track was ready and the parts were sent to Pratap who did a nice remix (not that one on the record, but close). It was a nice groove and the baseline was enhanced in a good way, but not much was happening there, it was in lack of something. I asked Tobias if it was ok for him if I played around with it a bit, and yes, no worries. I came up with the smaller synth-bass-breaks that is inserted all over the track and boom, it felt like the track now was complete.

As it now felt like these breaks was a huge part of the track, I needed to insert them in my original version as well. But all together, I still think that the Pratap-version is the better one, after the tweaking.

“Hertz-Priorities (Pratap Remix)” is included on “Sway – The Catalogue 2 – Remaster 2013”.

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Story #3 – Lucky 13 with Adam Beyer Remix

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Adam Beyer virtually played every single record from Hertz, during a long period. This was leading into a Drumcode-release. Although I wasn’t too happy with the result, and it also went as B2 on the vinyl, Adam told me afterwards that it was probably the most played track out of that EP anyway. And when the remix-EP came, my track was on the full A-side with a Cari Lekebusch-remix. Some months later I did a track, asked Adam for a remix, he did it and now he was part of one of the best selling vinyl-releases on Sway.

When I first got the remix, I felt that “he didn’t do anything”, but after playing it a couple of times, I realize that he’ve just done one of his best remixes, even to date. He used all original parts, re-arranged it in the right way, still having the original feel and baseline. On top he added some funky breaks. A lot of “techno-remixes” doesn’t have anything to do with the original track, but with this remix, Adam interpreted the track and did it better. Absolutely superb!

“Hertz-Lucky 13 (Adam Beyer Remix)” is included on “Sway – The Catalogue 2 – Remaster 2013”.

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