Hertz – Live In My Room 1987 – Video

Next old tune in line, released on the new SWAY-30-EP is this “Live In My Room 1987”. Not only did I record it on my cassette-recorder, but also as a video. My father filmed this jam, just for fun.
Back in 1987 I was 15 years old and owned the 3 keyboards/synths, the white drum machine and black sequencer you can see on top of the cassette-recorde. The mixing desk, tape machine and the other drum machine was borrowed.

To own your own studio back then, was totally out of reach for me. I think I saved and spent around 600 € for all the stuff I owned. But kept on buying some new gear as soon as I had some new savings. I’m happy to have this on video, as having a video-recorder at home was very rare 1987.

Get it on Beatport.