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Hertz – Live In My Room 1987 – Video

Monday, October 16th, 2017

Next old tune in line, released on the new SWAY-30-EP is this “Live In My Room 1987”. Not only did I record it on my cassette-recorder, but also as a video. My father filmed this jam, just for fun.
Back in 1987 I was 15 years old and owned the 3 keyboards/synths, the white drum machine and black sequencer you can see on top of the cassette-recorde. The mixing desk, tape machine and the other drum machine was borrowed.

To own your own studio back then, was totally out of reach for me. I think I saved and spent around 600 € for all the stuff I owned. But kept on buying some new gear as soon as I had some new savings. I’m happy to have this on video, as having a video-recorder at home was very rare 1987.

Get it on Beatport.

Get ready! – Hertz Live in Belgrade – April 2014

Saturday, January 18th, 2014


Hertz – Thanks To 8000 Followers DJ Mix

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

“Hertz with Petter B & Subway Baby – Aha” out now!

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Finally out! Exclusive on Junodownload

Story #3 – Lucky 13 with Adam Beyer Remix

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Adam Beyer virtually played every single record from Hertz, during a long period. This was leading into a Drumcode-release. Although I wasn’t too happy with the result, and it also went as B2 on the vinyl, Adam told me afterwards that it was probably the most played track out of that EP anyway. And when the remix-EP came, my track was on the full A-side with a Cari Lekebusch-remix. Some months later I did a track, asked Adam for a remix, he did it and now he was part of one of the best selling vinyl-releases on Sway.

When I first got the remix, I felt that “he didn’t do anything”, but after playing it a couple of times, I realize that he’ve just done one of his best remixes, even to date. He used all original parts, re-arranged it in the right way, still having the original feel and baseline. On top he added some funky breaks. A lot of “techno-remixes” doesn’t have anything to do with the original track, but with this remix, Adam interpreted the track and did it better. Absolutely superb!

“Hertz-Lucky 13 (Adam Beyer Remix)” is included on “Sway – The Catalogue 2 – Remaster 2013”.

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Story #2 – The start of the label Sway

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Sway was the third label. Focus – techno.
I went to a party, hosted by Johan Bacto in Jönköping, named “Mankind #3” 2002-04-13, with a very nice line-up on the Swedish countryside; James Ruskin, Devilfish, Hardcell, Pehr Herb, Tobias Von Hofsten and Rino Cerrone. As I recall, Adam Beyer was also supporting the event with his presence. I was connecting with all artists backstage and the idea to do collaborations on Sway was born. I’ve already released some material together with Johan Bacto before, on his labels that went really well, so the first Sway was also a “Hertz & Johan Bacto”-release.

Hertz working 2 days with Hardcell looked like this;
I paid for flight tickets Stockholm-Gothenburg, picked Nils up at the airport in the morning, went straight to my house/studio. Started to check some tracks and then straight to work. Did a track in some hours in hot summer weather; we needed to cool down! Moped down to the ocean, swim for an hour, back home working. Another track done. Bought some nice food. Slept in my house. Woke up, back to work, another track done, straight to airport and two productive days were done. The foundation of Sway-3 was rolled out. Very fun and memorable. The same implementation with Tobias and Jonas on Sway-2 and Sway-7.

Not so hard to be a techno-musician after all 😉

Some of the collaborations is included on “Sway – The Catalogue 2 – Remaster 2013”.

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Sway-2013-Remaster. Including “Hertz-Recreate (Montana Re-Edit)”

Monday, May 20th, 2013
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