Story #4 – Priorities with Pratap Remix

The track “Priorities” has an interesting story. The track was ready and the parts were sent to Pratap who did a nice remix (not that one on the record, but close). It was a nice groove and the baseline was enhanced in a good way, but not much was happening there, it was in lack of something. I asked Tobias if it was ok for him if I played around with it a bit, and yes, no worries. I came up with the smaller synth-bass-breaks that is inserted all over the track and boom, it felt like the track now was complete.

As it now felt like these breaks was a huge part of the track, I needed to insert them in my original version as well. But all together, I still think that the Pratap-version is the better one, after the tweaking.

“Hertz-Priorities (Pratap Remix)” is included on “Sway – The Catalogue 2 – Remaster 2013”.

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